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La.'s Career Track Diploma Threatens RTT Money

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A funny thing happened in Louisiana on the way to its Race to the Top. The new career track diploma got in the way.

The state's superintendent of education is now urging great care in the way state officials write rules for the program, so they don't keep the state from getting RTT funding.

Could it be that the career track diploma has some bad mojo workin'? Just recently, a state lawmaker scolded the state school board for not moving quickly enough to get the thing going. State supe Paul Pastorek has said the plan would put "dummy diplomas" in the hands of too many students. And lots of districts backed out of offering it, too.

Whither the career track diploma now that so many RTT dollars hang in the balance?

1 Comment

Dummy diplomas? Excuse me?! Since when are the people who drive the economy dummies? Not everyone can be an academic nor should we want them to be. As it is, all our jobs are ending up in foreign countries because we can't provide good skilled professionals who can be the technicians for many markets in our economy, forcing companies to send our jobs outside the country. I know plenty of well-trained blue-collar workers who make more money than I do as a teacher.

How dare Pastorek suggest that we pull the rug out from under our children here in Louisiana who do not choose the university route. We need to make graduation attractive to them, too. We are losing too many young people to a future of failure. It is time to provide them with quality education in job skills and markets that don't traditionally require a college education.

Pastorek is beguiled by visions of millions in "Race to the Top" money that will do little to help those students who are not going to choose college or university post-secondary education or perhaps even graduate from high school. Shame on Pastorek for throwing away even one child. In fact, shame on Pastorek for all his misguided plans to change public education into charters instead of embracing an alternative route that could benefit so many children in Louisiana.

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