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An Alabama high school focuses on teaching literacy in every subject.

College enrollment hits an all-time high, even as concerns are raised about states' education standards.

Chicago school closures made no significant impact on student achievement, report finds.

A Des Moines school board committee considers reducing credits needed for graduation.

Bill Gates, high school reform in D.C., and reflections on Ted Sizer.

A Virginia high school teacher grapples with the way race shapes conversation about achievement.

Pennsylvania state board of education approves new exit exams.

Good reading on alternative high schools in Chicago and a California program that bridges high school and college expectations.

The College Board finds tuition and fees rising faster than they have in recent years.

A new ACT report and comments by College Board President Gaston Caperton offer insight into college-admissions tests.

Arne Duncan said choosing between career and college-readiness standards is a "false choice."

A report from the Southern Regional Education Board says the region has climbed back from a dip in graduation rates to inch up to the national average.

Stanford University education professor Mike Kirst has spent many years on the challenge of building college readiness in adolescents. (See his blog, here, if you don't already know about it.) He has now written a paper for the Education Commission of the States that makes the case for another of the points he's long championed: better alignment between high school and college. He lays out things states should do to promote this kind of alignment. (If you want to know more about a state that has done more than most to align high school and college, read my recent story ...

A new study finds that one in four black male high school dropouts are in custody on an average day.

A new brief describes leading-edge work in career-tech ed policy.

Youth violence in Chicago renews questions about the impact of school closures in the city's Renaissance 2010 school improvement plan.

A Cincinnati teacher is drawing national notice for a course she designed to help students succeed in college.

Three researchers present a method of teaching middle-school literacy.

High-level eyes turn toward solving Chicago's youth-violence crisis.

A new brief highlights the roles money and accountability could play in fixing the most troubled high schools.

A Latino advocacy group urges changes to the ESEA.


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