As the cost of college rises and students go deeper into debt, families are increasingly asking whether higher education is worth the cost. A new commission is tasked with helping to answer that question.

Starting today, students who choose careers in the skilled trades have a nationwide event designed to celebrate their decisions.

"Free college" proposals are multiplying like rabbits as Democratic presidential candidates jump on board with the idea. But these plans vary widely. And most don't make college "free."

A new national campaign aims to offer young people something they often lack as they look for work: a network of connections to adults who can help and support them.

Though celebrated as a way to funnel young people into good jobs without the debt of a bachelor's degree, career technical education is not matching students with jobs that pay well and are most plentiful, a report says.

Deans of admission at more than 140 colleges and universities pledged to abide by principles designed to reduce "excessive achievement pressure" in admissions and promote ethical character among parents and students.

This week's huge college-admissions bribery scandal has spawned the first round of what will almost certainly be a mess of lawsuits attacking the integrity of the college admissions process. And already the first lawsuit, filed by two Stanford University students, has gotten weird.

Most high school principals are grappling with hostile clashes between students and a swirl of other problems stemming from the political division and heated rhetoric during the Trump presidency, according to a new report.

Federal prosecutors charged 33 parents, along with two SAT/ACT administrators, an exam proctor, nine coaches and three organizers with involvement in a college admissions fraud scheme on Tuesday.

The former Trump attorney and fixer testifies that Trump directed him to write threatening letters to prevent the release of the president's grades and SAT scores.


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