A pair of new reports shows moderate annual rises in college prices, but students still struggle to get enough financial aid to cover all their expenses.

Nevada has joined a growing list of states that are conferring retroactive diplomas after getting rid of their exit exams.

Yet another research study argues that educators and policymakers must move away from their focus on the bachelor's degree and embrace the promise of certificates and associate degrees. Many jobs that pay well do not require bachelor's degrees.

A controversy erupts in Philadelphia as it opens its elite career-tech-ed high schools to all students.

Thousands of tests were scored incorrectly in Tennessee. The vendor has fixed the problem, but it's taking a toll in a state that's endured several rounds of problems with its assessments.

There's good news and bad news in education for Latinos: They're making huge gains in finishing high school and enrolling in college, but they're getting stuck in the job market because they are less likely to earn bachelor's degrees.

Sending short, encouraging notes to students, and talking with them about their potential, can dramatically boost enrollment in Advanced Placement courses, a study finds.

The high school graduation rate among Hispanic students has dropped sharply in the past decade, reaching an all-time low.

The data-retrieval tool for federal financial aid forms will be back up and running by Oct. 1. It has been down since last spring because of security problems.

A new study shows that students who are the first in their families to attend college are far less likely to finish college degrees than those from college-going families.


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