A new study raises questions about whether the students who can benefit most from dual-credit programs are getting adequate access to them.

For the first time, federal researchers have collected data that show how big a slice of U.S. schools offer online-only courses. The number might surprise you.

A new study finds that teenagers who prioritize close friendship over being popular are happier in early adulthood.

Rural school districts face special challenges in trying to offer high-quality career and technical education programs. A new paper explores what four states are doing to change that picture.

A new study finds that grades are rising more at private and suburban schools more than they are in urban schools, a trend that experts worry puts low-income students at a disadvantage as they apply to college.

A study shows that students who are likely to fail or drop out graduate at higher rates from NAF schools than those who attend other schools.

In response to a major security breach, federal officials have announced a change to the financial-aid application that some worry could discourage students from applying for the support they need to go to college.

A promised update on Trump's apprenticeship initiative didn't provide much detail on how the administration has moved that project forward.

Many colleges and universities sent out financial-aid decisions earlier this year, in response to big changes in the schedule for submitting the FAFSA.

The national rankings of four-year colleges and universities often play a major—although controversial—role in students' thinking about higher education. Now one of the big players in the college-ranking business is turning its scrutiny on two-year trade schools.


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