A new study shows that in high-poverty districts, where students need financial aid the most, the rates of aid applications are lower.

A new study finds that enrolling full time in community college for even one semester boosts students chances of earning a degree.

Rhode Island becomes the latest state to abandon the PARCC exam. It will use the test designed by its neighbor, Massachusetts, instead.

Groups leading the GradNation initiative urge the education secretary to ensure states use the four-year adjusted cohort rate in identifying high schools with low graduation rates.

New York becomes the first state in the country to provide free tuition at four-year public institutions, but it is drawing criticism for a key restriction it places on students who benefit from it.

Schools from 10 districts in Illinois have been chosen to participate in a new pilot program to create competency-based approaches to high school learning and graduation.

The Internal Revenue Service and Education Department announced earlier this month that a tool for helping students apply for federal financial aid would be unavailable for several weeks—but now they're saying it will be offline for another six months.

A proposed bill in Washington state goes farther than laws in other states to maximize the awarding of college credit for scores of 3 or higher on Advanced Placement exams.

A new survey of college admissions officers delivers a bracing suggestion to helicopter parents: Step back and let your children lead the application process.

A newly published study shows that when college admissions officers have more detail about low-income students' high schools, they're more likely to understand the context they come from, and offer them admission.


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