More than 850,000 students are ready for college work by the end of 11th grade, a new report finds. So why not let them finish high school and begin college studies full-time?

High school students often don't recognize the value employers might see in their life experiences. We, the adults in students' lives, have a role to play in helping them see and sell their strengths in job interviews.

New data from the federal government show that dual-enrollment courses are an opportunity that's used disproportionately by white and Asian students, and students whose parents went to college.

The U.S. high school graduation rate has risen yet again, to a new all-time high of 84.6 percent. But questions persist about what is driving the steady gain.

On her third day in office, Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham fulfills a campaign promise by signing an executive order to dump the PARCC test.

The state is one of about a dozen that require students to pass a test in order to graduate from high school.

In a pair of videos, Education Week chronicles the challenges and opportunities for gifted rural students in Alaska.

What's the biggest reason high school students don't take advantage of federal financial aid for college? A new study sheds some light on the dynamics behind that missed opportunity.

A group of elite colleges and universities reports modest progress in enrolling more lower-income students.

Retaking the SAT and scoring 100 points higher doesn't change students' thinking about where they should apply to college, a new study finds.


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