A new report from the Pell Institute shows that college access has improved in recent years, but college completion is still tough for students from low-income families.

The criticism marks a bracing change in the tone and substance of the College Board's rhetoric.

The testmaker adds a unique element to its online test prep, yet another move in its pitched battle with the College Board for market share in the test-preparation.

States would have to prove that students who take the SAT or ACT have the testing accommodations they need.

It has been harder to get an A in South Carolina than in neighboring states. But that's about to change.

The Lumina Foundation's latest report shows college attainment inching up too slowly to meet its 60 percent goal, even with a new category of postsecondary education added: certificates.

Chicago 9th graders who took Algebra 1 face-to-face did better than those who took it via online credit recovery.

Teaming high school teachers and college professors produced big benefits for students: They enrolled in college and skipped remedial classes, at much higher rates than peers who weren't in the program.

Contrary to widespread public perception, disadvantaged students are not disproportionately placed in career-related programs, the study finds.

Weak guidance from adults fuels course-taking patterns that don't set students up for success in college or in work, the report from Education Trust says.


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