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November 12, 2018

Importance of SAT, ACT Scores Dwindling in College Admissions

A new survey shows that colleges are responding to the call to make SAT or ACT scores optional when students apply for admission.

February 08, 2018

First-Generation College Students Face Extra Challenges in High School, Too

Students whose parents didn't go to college are more likely to take fewer challenging courses when they're in high school, a new research brief shows.

December 07, 2017

Colleges Expand Commitments to Recruit Underserved Students

Colleges and universities are expanding their commitments to bring more low-income, high-achieving students onto their campuses as part of the American Talent Initiative.

September 26, 2017

First-Generation College Students Face Special Risks, Study Finds

A new study shows that students who are the first in their families to attend college are far less likely to finish college degrees than those from college-going families.

November 24, 2015

Obama's College-Completion Goal: One More Sign That It's Out of Reach?

New international data show the U.S. stagnating in global rankings for the number of young adults with an associate degree or higher.

September 11, 2015

Tradition, Culture Boost College Thinking at Arizona School

A K-8 charter school on the edge of the Navajo Nation develops college readiness by building on the strengths of its students' cultural traditions.

July 20, 2015

First-Generation Students' Struggle to Be Ready for College

New data bring a fresh urgency to the extra support that first-generation students need to tackle their college aspirations.



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