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If teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions, it is time for all states to follow the lead of Kentucky and North Carolina by administering the Teacher Working Conditions Survey to all educators.

Change the Equation launches the "iON Future" online learning games on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 to inform and encourage students to consider STEM careers.

Across America, the final votes are being counted and recounted, but we can be sure of one result that will not change: bashing teachers is not a winning proposition in this country. American voters still believe in those teachers that helped shape their lives and that are doing the same for their children, and they are not willing to support ill-conceived policies that demoralize and destroy the careers of their favorite teachers. Even clearer is a second message from this election: those who entrust their children to teachers to nurture and educate them will trust the opinions of those teachers ...

Our students need to be college, career , and citizenship ready. There is no better opportunity to teach our students the core of citizenship in a democracy than to involve them in the election process. Voting is a fundamental right and should be exercised by everyone. Let's create the behavior pattern of voting by letting our students participate in this important election. The Pearson Foundation has made it easy. Please read below and get involved. Also, please share this information with every teacher you know. Vote Now! The My Voice National Mock Election Extended to November 6th To accommodate voters in ...


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