It is important In order to best serve all of our students, to wake up to the nuance of racism and how it plays out in our words and actions.

Teaching and modeling the use of technology is our duty as is being certain screen time is an educational advantage and not an unhealthy habit. Screen time matters.

We are reminded that children see the world differently than we do and suggest their eyes maybe better and more accurate than ours.

Evaluation is intended to serve two masters: one is accountability and the other is professional development. 3 ways to shift thinking and practice.

Guest blogger Dr. J.M. Myers says, "The great risk to public education is that those knowledgeable professionals on the inside fail to be given the tools and authority to implement serious reform or fail to exercise a leadership role once given these tools."

An organization is only as good as its leaders. It is also only as good as its followers.

This Supreme Court's overturn of a Gorsuch decision reminds us that adults set limits and settle for the minimum. We can remain in the current practice or create new expectations by opening our own minds. Students deserve much better.

We have to recognize the opportunity we have for a continued, systemic, shared responsibility to develop ethical action in our students.

As in all things, frames of mind matter, collaboration matters, consensus matters, and as always, words matter. All of these are reflections of what the leader values.

Guest blogger Colin Lieu writes: "At a time where so much focus is placed on building walls - yoga and mindfulness offers pathways for students to realize they can break down walls of their own."


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