As educators and leaders, we must tell stories about successful social entrepreneurs, so that when someone says the term "entrepreneur" we are as likely to think of Sarah Kauss and her S'well bottle as Steve Jobs.

Do all organizations develop a power, confidence and a sense of immunity that makes their own growth and survival compete with an original purpose?

We are at risk of growing up another generation without gender respectfulness. Can we stop the cycle?

It takes courage to face the mirror and ask whether we are being open hearted, welcoming, kind and our authentic selves.

Our world is changing and in that regard, we, too, must change. While all may wax nostalgic for some aspects of "the good old days", all of can agree, we hope, that those days are long gone.

It is the leader who steers the organization and who can make or break the implementation of a change or requirement by the manner in which they lead it.

If a highly productive faculty becomes lulled into a sleeping giant, growth of students will slow also.

We need a generation who will right this rolling ship and that generation is in our schools now.

If looking for a new leader at any level, a new teacher, a new staff member, the time to re-examine culture and climate is now.

It may seem a good idea to make one action and responsibility meet the needs of many requirements. But does it result in diminished returns?


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