Consider the debate about the Zika virus. Let's raise the mental illness of children to that level.

In this political environment, with policy pushed into the background while insults and name-calling move to the foreground, the likelihood of ripple into our world becomes greater.

Schools are spinning as they push and pull with new ideas, demands, and methods but they are not making forward motion that is future inspired.

When asking teachers to take responsibility for changing the way curriculum is organized, move from information delivery to research and problem solving, not only is training required for teachers, it is also required for leaders.

Even if you never heard of Seymour Papert, as an educator, it is likely he has or will touch your practice and eventually will have been partially responsible for how you change the way teaching and learning is taking place in your schools.

There is no evidence to indicate that a process intended to evaluate by placing a word or number on the actions of another is effective in developing capacity or changing practice.

We have been wondering about leaders using these two powerful words. Is there room in the domain of leadership today for them? Or have we moved to a place where they are a sign of weakness?

Underlying our attraction to one candidate or another is our sense of their integrity. We care about their values as they have been demonstrated throughout their careers.

In order to be objective, as human beings, the best we can do is question ourselves always.

There is a profound difference between buy-in and commitment.


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