Art education provides a vitally important sandbox for learning in unconventional ways that is essential to education.

Leading a change process is not a singular responsibility. But it goes without saying, the first question has to be "Am I ready to lead a STEM shift?" or "Do I want a STEM shift to be part of my legacy?"

The teaching of ethics begins with the modeling of ethics. It is the manner in which everything is taught, including lessons in behavior, in the hallways, in classrooms, and in offices, by every adult.

No successful change can take place in an organization without system-wide understanding and support. Leaders cannot do this alone.

The current model of schools can no longer hold the changes in pedagogy that are needed in the 21st century.

After this and every week of violence, we must remember, our students are watching. What are they thinking and what are they learning?

The health of a school's culture has impact on the manner in which each person experiences that school.

Think about how the culture of the entire organization can make a difference in how the students and adults can flourish. This is an essential leadership responsibility.

There are jobs, many of them, from which one can be fired, at any time, for any reason with little or no recourse. How can educators prepare students for an experience that is foreign to them?

Doing the right thing when two rights are present is a clear example of how and why leaders must be able to access their highest values, their deeply seated values.


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