No matter the intention of the assessment of performance, whether of student, teacher, or principal, the result is an evaluation that is most often received as a judgment of and a stopping place for the evaluated.

When schools and classrooms are structured to develop critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, learning will be less dependent on what skills are lacking and more dependent on what skills are present.

Teachers need great principals who need great superintendents in order to be successful with our students.

With increased visibility, school and district leaders are increasingly seeking support to initiate "STEM" programs or "STEM" schools.

The perspectives of others opens minds, shares the power of the leader and strengthens the community and is the practice of a servant leader.

If we don't address the quality of feedback as adults, we will not be able to address this issue with the students in our charge.

More than ever we, and the students in our charge, need parents as informed and active partners.

We have to believe enough in ourselves, as educators, that we can reach each one, excite them about learning and make room for the success of each and every one.

Let us welcome Commissioner Elia by creating the space for her to lean into her new role.

Teaching and learning that is required in a STEM based environment benefits all students and demands that teaching and learning be responsive to 21st century needs.


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