Several factors must be understood and shared understood, and considered in decision making while advocating for structural changes in the way schools run.

The matter of stress and burnout in education is as important as it is in health care and police work.

It is only with the strong dedication to model and teach ethical behavior, questioning, concern, and objective consideration of the results of actions that our students will be prepared for the unknown world in which they will live.

We assert that listening is an underdeveloped communication skill for leaders, maybe for all of us.

When done well, the evaluation process is open and fair, well communicated, and in the best of cases, leaves room for improvement before a final, summative evaluation takes place.

Are white educators perpetuating the very negative behaviors in black students that socialize them differently than white students?

Consensus becomes the scythe that clears the path forward.

Gary Marx's 21 trends offer a framework and guidance to prepare our schools for this century.

Rather than calling for more accountability, higher standards, and standardized measures, we urge a halt to the blame game and a call for a plan that allows all schools to engage and prepare more students for success.

Improved practice and achievement involves feedback, motivation, coaching, support and belief in the impact principals can have on teachers and teachers on their students.


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