We have negotiated boundaries around observation and evaluation. We have laws and mandates we must follow. It is time for them to change. Maybe there can be some kind of shift, even within existing boundaries, that can allow for newer and richer and more worthwhile processes to emerge.

What if we considered that the same SEL from which children benefit became a component of leader development? Would we discover that new leaders could change the terrain of schools...and of politics?

Teachers need to be invited and encouraged to take the initial steps into leadership. We hope the best among us, those who are motivated by deep passion for service and love for children and for learning, respond positively to the invitation.

Dr. Stephen Hawking's work and ours, is steeped in paradox. There are no absolutes, in his work and ours, what we knew worked in the past is giving way to another question and new possibilities for answers. Life is change.

No matter what else the 21st century demands of your teaching and leading, remember John Dewey of the 20th century who taught "learning to do by doing," love your students, love your work, and remember there is nothing more important than your responsibility to your students.

How did a major architect of the Common Core, help to get the ball rolling in K-12 and then wind up leading the corporation that is the historical gatekeeper for colleges? This is not a statement about the value of the Common Core, or the SAT...rather it is a question about a grand plan that is swirling around us.

Integrating STEM begins to break the previous century's model of subject matter as separate domains. This century demands that we engage children in new ways and develop new skills for them. What might have happened in the past as our finest moments now becomes a way of life.

We are busy with the challenges of the day but there may be no more important challenge than to be ever vigilant that we are not denied the right to create safe and inclusive environments for our students.

Respect may be the fulcrum for change. We haven't seen this kind of leadership since Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. but that is no reason we can't choose to lead with that spirit and seek other such leaders to rise.

The field is speaking and the longer dialogue is averted, the wider the chasm between the leadership and those responsible for teaching children will become. There will be no winners.


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