We need an organizing platform for an informed voice. Throwing money at education won't solve our challenges unless we have a real voice in promoting the innovations we need.

We are not suggesting that a computer can replace the grace and value of the interaction between a teacher and a student. But let's have a discussion before we close our minds to the possibilities.

How can we teach the children to not be bullies, if the adults are unaware that the words we use and the actions we take divide and hurt and maybe even bully?

Let Universal Pre-K not become the next Common Core or standardized testing battle. Let's get active now, while it is still taking shape.

Perhaps, if we produce better local assessments, and use them to inform instruction, give constructive feedback, and help motivate our students, the standardized tests will fall aside and take their proper place as quiet snapshots of national progress while we attend to our students school by school.

How we bring ourselves to the challenges we face makes a difference in how we, and those who follow us, experience them.

Everything is not as it should be in our schools. We need to be able to attend to the business of turning our schools in to 21st century schools. But we need help.

A day without incident means everyone attended to the responsibility they have been given. We do have much to be thankful for and often what we have to be thankful for is invisible.

If we hold a fundamental belief that every individual wants to do meaningful work, we must find those leaders who are exploring a better way and trust they are in this for the same reasons we are - our children and the future.

Leaders need to ask those questions and sit, quietly sometimes, to hear the answers that arise only from deep within...because any of us could become Chris Christie.


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