If we can make a commitment to eradicate anti-homosexual slurs and to counsel those who make them to understand the root of their attack...we have begun to address our responsibilities.

School Boards functioning at the highest level model democracy in action.

When the disillusioned leader calls silence loyalty, truth is lost. In business, profits suffer or ethics. In education, children suffer.

We have endured the tests. Now we must plan for the reaction to the scores. Tisch and others should stand up with us and join us in navigating the turbulence caused by this change.

We have had much to say about the new tests and policy makers who are not listening. But we should have no interest in mudslinging toward those who see things differently.

How do we place a betrayal of trust in a whole life story? What is the proper balance between punishment and forgiveness?

We are called to be "the ministers of the tests". It is not a high calling but we cannot change that. We can, however, be wiser than we were.

As leaders we must consider everything and continue to be sure we lead programming that prepares our students for every possibility. We must invest in what we understand and we can't possibly understand... the unknown world in which they will spend their earning years.

The focus on tests, accountability, and evaluations is consuming, but we cannot lose sight of the big picture. No single measure will be the solution to a problem. We need ideas and partners.

We want to save some sense for our students that childhood is different from adulthood. It is a special time, safe and loving, not a rehearsal for the stress of adulthood.


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