Equal access to a good public education can be offered in every classroom through the development of literacy.

The pressure is on our system and on each of us. We need new thinkers. And, we need to develop them, from within, right now. We need strong leadership on every level of the organization.

What we need to do is to create the safe and trustworthy environments where all are welcome. Standing up and accepting and supporting gay students and colleagues is courageous and necessary.

Where are the deans and college faculty who are willing to step into that partnership and the hard, invigorating work of leading change? For schools of education, the work of "higher ed" and "lower ed" cannot be separate. Our schools and our children are in the learning crucible.

The way a superintendent approaches the evaluation process with principals is the way a principal should at least attempt to approach the evaluation process with teachers. If we approach this evaluation process as a priority and with fidelity, we have the real opportunity to develop our building leaders.

Curiosity and courage are two essential leadership factors we need in this moment when technology is taking down the schoolhouse walls. Neither moat nor policy will keep it out. It is already in the hands of our children. We cannot control it but we can guide its entry into our environments and benefit students if we understand it.

Too many of our schools are mired in old ways. Many still ban handheld technology ...as if we could stop this tide from entering our walls!

Leaders cannot be bystanders for any reason. There is no excuse to stand by and every reason to stand up. The leader's role is to break the cycle.

Inclusion is an essential foundation in the successful development of public school learning environments.

If we have not spent time knowing and becoming ourselves along the way, we might be found figuring it out while we are tossed about in public.


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