In their final post for Learning Deeply, Robert Rothman and Jal Mehta reflect on the deeper-learning movement and the role the blog played in it.

Jal Mehta highlights a dozen of his "greatest hits," some of his most significant blog posts from the past five years.

In this post, John Watkins describes how the Oakland school district empowered its teachers to develop a new approach to developing and evaluating senior capstone projects.

Spreading deeper learning across districts requires a different type of leadership, one that avoids top-down mandates and allows learning and ownership.

Working with innovative schools in the United States has taught this U.K.-based nonprofit a number of lessons that will help in its redesign of new schools in the United Kingdom.

Achievement gaps are a global phenomenon, but some countries do better than others in bringing disadvantaged students to high levels of learning.

A California school engages students in internships that deepen their learning and assesses their competencies in ways that promote equity.

Research suggests ways to design schools that are responsive to students' various differences and that ask them to take a more hands-on role in shaping their own learning.

How can schools be designed to incorporate students' emotions and social connections?

The 2017 Teacher of the Year describes ways to show students that their voices are powerful.


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