Following up on its framework for project-based learning, Next Generation Learning Challenges suggests video resources teachers can use to implement projects in their classrooms.

Personalized learning for all students offers the promise of removing the stigma students with disabilities now face in the classroom.

A framework developed by Next Generation Learning Challenges can make project-based learning into a "whole-game" learning experience.

An experience in learning about Envisions' portfolio defense made on teacher realize how much she learned from her teachers.

What gets tested gets taught, so performance assessments that measure the competencies that matter can lead to instruction that yields those competencies, argues Ben Kornell of Envision Learning Partners.

Human-centered design principles turn the IEP process from confrontation to collaboration, and indeed, fun.

The Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) and the Council of Chief State School Officers have developed a tool to help educators implement performance assessments.

True knowledge is created when facts call students' beliefs and understanding into question, says Jal Mehta.

At one Expeditionary Learning elementary school, a new approach to teaching math.

Teachers doing math is the key to building better teaching of math at one Expeditionary Learning middle school.


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