A glance at performance tasks included on new tests show that they do a better job than previous tests of measuring higher-level competencies.

An examination of policies in four countries by Linda Darling-Hammond and Robert Rothman offers lessons for strengthening instructional quality.

The specificity of math standards can limit understanding, but that can be overcome with creative instruction.

Diverse gifts and talents emerge when students engage in deeper learning, argues the director of High Tech Middle Chula Vista.

A high school humanities teacher suggests ways for deep learners to stay alive while developing "college prep" skills.

A charter school network brings all of its teachers together for a week of intensive professional development, with great results.

A study group of state board members outlines policy recommendations for increasing student engagement in learning.

The most striking examples of deep learning occur when teachers invest time to reinforce key habits in depth, says Kathleen Cushman.

Leaders of New Visions for Public Schools take the concept of "grit" and apply to it to schools, and show it is critical for success.

Workplace experiences can help students develop the cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal competencies they need in the future, says Nancy Hoffman of Jobs for the Future.


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