A survey of 100,000 teachers in 34 countries suggests ways schools can structure teacher learning to support improved instruction, write Dion Burns and Linda Darling-Hammond of SCOPE.

Linda Darling-Hammond proposes changes to the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act to support systems of assessment that enhance learning.

Improving civics learning takes active engagement with pressing issues, not a multiple-choice citizenship test.

Teachers must ignite students' intrinsic motivation and sense of responsibility by having high expectations, according to a teacher from an Envisions school in Oakland, California.

The founder of Envision Education examines the kind of learning environments necessary to ensure that students are truly college- and career-ready.

A teacher at an Envisions school reflects on approaches that his experience as a coach helped him develop to improve student learning.

Scott Hartl of Expeditionary Learning lays out a framework for powerful and effective professional development for teachers.

A Massachusetts school succeeds by "sweating the small stuff" and engaging students in authentic learning experiences.

The director of publications for Expeditionary Learning identifies the characteristics of classrooms in which deeper learning is happening.

To "measure what matters," first we must learn how the skills and dispositions that matter are developed. A network of states and partners are leading the way.


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