Will states' decisions on testing result in better tests? Maybe not, research suggests.

The field tests have provoked enthusiasm and anxiety, but they can point to better testing in 2015.

A new NAEP Test might encourage more schools to address a critical competency.

A deeper look at the findings from the assessment shows the relationship between instruction and student performance.

Too few high school seniors can interpret a text or develop a math formula.

By completing and defending a portfolio, seniors work harder in their last semester than they do all four years in high school.

Why not use a College Entrance Portfolio for college admissions?

The world of work is project-based. Schools are not. That needs to change.

Four teachers, 7 days, 39 students, 72 miles, and 0 precedents. A student's journey, what she learned within it, and why some educators should start taking notes.

A school leader offers two simple yet far-reaching suggestions for school design and re-design.


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