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August 18, 2017

Transforming the Way Students See Themselves

A teacher at High Tech Elementary finds that when students have the chance to do work that matters, and to present that work to people who matter to them, it makes students believe that they matter.

May 30, 2017

Three Conversations to Connect With Youths

Forging a connection with adolescents can make a critical difference, writes Kathleen Cushman. And she offers three ways to begin the conversation.

April 11, 2017

Finding Inspiration in a Student Perspective

A student at Envision Academy discusses how the school's practices have prepared her for college and for life.

March 17, 2017

Launching a Weather Balloon, Learning Together

An experiment at High Tech High taught a student the value of figuring things out, rather than being told what to do by the teacher.

February 06, 2017

PISA, Internalizing Failure, and Barriers to Deeper Learning

A new study finds that school stratification and segregation has an effect on how students attribute their success and failure, and ultimately their performance.

February 03, 2017

A People Revitalized From Within

A school in Springfield, Massachusetts, works after the 2016 election to help students and staff understand themselves and their place in this changing world.

January 17, 2017

Dear Decisionmakers: Listen to What Students Have to Say!

As Senators begin to question Betsy DeVos, the nominee to be U.S. Secretary of Education, they would do well to listen to students about what matters in schools.

December 14, 2016

Math Class: The Importance of Asking the Next Question

For a student at High Tech High, mathematics became exciting when she learned it involved finding patterns and reasons, not just following procedures.

November 21, 2016

What Do We Do After November 2016?

Kathleen Cushman suggests some resources for educators to help their students cope with the aftermath of a tumultuous election.

August 19, 2016

Students as Leaders of Their Character Education

At an EL Education school in Maine, a cooperative effort to develop Habits of Work and Learning created broad ownership for school goals.

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