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New Group Focuses On Student Motivation

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Here's an organization that readers of this blog might feel is worth checking out called the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations. Founded and run by Russell J. Quaglia, the independent nonprofit organization has developed eight conditions necessary to increase student aspirations and motivation. They are as follows: belonging, heroes, a sense of accomplishment, fun and excitement, curiosity and creativity, a spirit of adventure, leadership and responsibility, and confidence to take action.

There's also a page on their Web site that has links to speech transcripts and reports for people interested in improving student motivation.

There's a lot of information about student motivation on the site, and I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this organization.

1 Comment

Motivation for students is what every teacher's goal should be. Something that keeps the students interested, so they actually learn something instead of just making it to graduation. They need to know that there is a life outside of high school. If they don't understand that when they are in high school, then they will get a slap in the face when they graduate if they aren't prepared. Motivation for the students is what teachers should strive for because it is the key to the students success. I can't wait to motivate my students to be the best they can be!!

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