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July 07, 2008

Grades and Motivation: Good or Bad Match?

Here's a commentary up on that once again tackles the question of how grades affect student motivation. The author, Paul Barnwell, makes the point that grades don't always reflect how much students learn. For example, a student who comes into a class with a broad base of knowledge and e...

December 27, 2007

Same Grades, Different GPA

There's an AP story posted today that pretty much sums up my frustrations as a high school student in a high-performing, affluent school district. Here's the basic gist of it: "In most of the [Washington, D.C. area], a score of 90 or higher will earn a student the top mark. But in Fairfax County, (...

March 19, 2007

Catch 22: Love of Learning vs. Getting the Grade

Guest contributor Ann Bradley, an assistant managing editor here at Education Week, often talks about the trials and tribulations of motivating her children to do well in school. This past weekend, she witnessed the poignancy of what really motivates kids. Here's Ann's story: "My 12-year-old so...

October 16, 2006

Motivated to Cheat

A survey released today by the Josephson Institute of Ethics found that 60 percent of the 36,122 high school students surveyed admitted cheating on a testing once during the past year, 35 percent said they had cheated two or more times, and a third said they had used the Internet to plagiarize a sch...

October 02, 2006

Mixing Montessori into the Debate

If schools employ multi-age classrooms, have students play a bigger role in choosing what they study, and get rid of traditional grading and testing (Montessori education approaches), are they likely to see an increase in students' motivation to learn--and, in turn, higher achievement? A new study ...



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