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December 11, 2018

The Best Academic Schools in Tennessee Feature the Best Character Program in the Country

Valor Collegiate Academies has been in the top 5 percent of Tennessee schools on growth and achievement every year since it started in 2014. But Tom visited Valor because of the well-regarded Valor Compass, a holistic human-development program.

November 07, 2017

Getting Smart Podcast | Andy Calkins on Effective Learning Competencies

In this episode, Tom speaks with Andy Calkins, director of Next Generation Learning Challenges to learn more about their new student success framework--MyWays, and their recently released comprehensive resource set to help more communities develop graduate profiles.

August 14, 2017

KnowledgeWorks On Redefining Readiness: Start With Core Social-Emotional Skills

Katherine Prince, Senior Director of Strategic Foresight at Knowledgeworks, shares more on the future of learning and what it means to redefine readiness from the inside out.

July 26, 2017

Key To Prep: The Science of Teams

As managing projects and working in teams becomes a priority learning outcome in schools, it's important to understand several important group dynamics that can ensure a team is successful.

December 05, 2016

Developing Self-Directed Learners

As we contemplate the vast problem of student disengagement and the apparent low level of self-direction, we have to ask, "Is it our kids or our schools? How can we change this?"

September 05, 2016

Batch of One: How AI & Robots Will Bring Manufacturing Home to the U.S.

The age of smart local manufacturing is just around the corner, and today's students will need to be prepared. Here are next steps for educators to provide manufacturing and coding pathways.

August 31, 2016

Professional Grade: Magic Happens When Students Own High Standards

High expectations are an important part of a school model, culture and community. Here are several examples of how schools and programs are helping students learn to deliver on professional grade expectations.

June 29, 2016

Superintendents Aim to Redefine Readiness

The national Redefining Ready! campaign was launched by the AASA to more fully communicate readiness for college, careers and life. Here is a recap of what was learned.

January 06, 2016

Next Generation Career Pathways: A Manufacturing Case Study

In 'Next Generation Career Pathways: A Manufacturing Case Study' we assert that new career pathways that combine blended learning strategies with work-based experiences can close the manufacturing skills gap. A great next-gen example is GPS Education Partners which operates 15 eastern Wisconsin education centers.

July 06, 2015

Connecting Talent with Opportunity: Better HR Platforms and Career Education

If education is about talent development, we need to radically improve how we recruit, hire and develop educators, and this demands much better talent platforms and human resource information systems. In general, better career education would inform learning and work choices. Following are six, strategies to improve career education in K-12 including expanding CTE academies, encouraging maker driven learning, encouraging career awareness in grades 6-12.

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