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Guest post from Rod McCloy & Andrea Sinclair In this blog entry, we provide some of our recommendations for developing teacher evaluation systems. These recommendations rest on the performance theory (Campbell, McCloy, Oppler, & Sager, 1993) presented in our previous two posts ("Performance or Effectiveness? A Critical Distinction for Teacher Evaluation", "Ramifications of the Performance/Effectiveness Distinction for Teacher Evaluation") and its differentiation between performance and effectiveness. Our recommendations for developing teacher evaluation systems then are as follows: 1. Develop appropriate performance measures, keeping multidimensionality (multiple distinguishable components of teaching) in mind. Performance measures should focus on those behaviors teachers are hired ...

Guest post from Rod McCloy & Andrea Sinclair In our initial blog entry, we argued that it is essential to differentiate performance (behaviors people engage in on the job; i.e., what people do) from effectiveness (the results of performance) when conducting teacher evaluation. In this entry, we discuss how doing so can clarify the discussion surrounding teacher evaluation. We first must specify just what it is we intend to evaluate: performance? effectiveness? something else? It is critical that we answer this question clearly, because performance and effectiveness are different criteria determined by different variables, which suggests the potential for different ...


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