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October 22, 2012

Why U.S. Schools Are Simply the Best

Pat Quinn, the "RTI Guy," (not the Pat Quinn who is the Governor of Illinois) recently sent this article to his mailing list, and graciously agreed to allow me to re-post it here. I wanted to share it for further discussion since it speaks very directly to issues of educational performance. Simply...

October 11, 2012

How to Crush Principals with Meaningless Work

I'm all for better teacher evaluations, as well as devoting substantial time to informal instructional leadership activities. Time spent in classrooms is time well spent. But LA principals seem to be crushed with a burden of paperwork, "plans," and other administrivia that makes what I faced as a ...

July 22, 2012

Finding the Right "Grain Size" for Standardization

Teacher and writer/speaker/tech expert Bill Ferriter suggested in a blog post last Thursday that scripted curriculum is the equivalent of running shoes that do more harm than good, constraining healthy, natural functioning. I don't know anyone that particularly likes scripted curriculum (except pe...

July 04, 2012

Are Schools 'Stealing Dreams'?

Friday was my last day with Seattle Public Schools, so I hope to devote much more time to this blog from this point on. The topic of performance in the education profession is more important than ever, and I'm eager to re-engage with you; feel free to email me at [email protected] Over the p...

May 18, 2012

On Holding "The District" Accountable

At the end of this school year, I will have served a decade in Seattle Public Schools. I am stepping down to move closer to extended family and pursue professional development work, as well as finish my graduate studies. I will look back fondly on my time in Seattle, but as the district prepares to ...

February 03, 2012

Teachers, Blueberries, and Developing Your People

Guest Post By Sean Glaze of Great Results Teambuilding Bill Parcells, the Super-Bowl winning coach of the New York Giants, enjoyed much success during his seven years as head coach back in the 1980's. When he later took over as head coach of the New England patriots, though, he improved the orga...

June 30, 2011

Helping Boys Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading

An interview with John Martin, founder of Boys Read On Performance: Why did you start Boys Read?   John, My primary inspiration for founding Boys Read was fueled by my frustration that so many great books and writers that appeal to boys are often overlooked.  My secondary in...

February 04, 2011

Standardization & Professionalism in Teaching & Leadership

@eduleadership Reader Steve Peha emailed me today with a great response to my previous post that I will share (with his permission) in its entirety: Mr. Baeder, I enjoyed reading your piece today on curriculum. But something you said struck me in a rather visceral way and I wonder if you would c...

December 13, 2010

The Softer Side of Performance

Years ago, Sears had an ad campaign with the slogan "Come see the softer side of Sears," an apparent attempt to remind customers that they sell clothes and linens, and not just tools and electronics. When it comes to performance in public education, I think we need to undertake a similar campaign,...



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