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Safe Schools We recently asked experts from different fields to respond to this prompt: "Are our schools safe? What can we do to make schools safer?" Several weighed in, including Michele Gay, who co-founded a school safety organization after the death of her daughter, Josephine, at Sandy Hook Elementary School; Ron Avi Astor, a professor at the University of Southern California and a co-author of "School Violence in Context"; Ronald D. Stephens, of the National School Safety Center. Their responses and others will be published on the blog today and tomorrow.

Kevin Quinn writes that having a properly trained school resource officer on campus is one step to making schools safer.

Counselor Sandy Austin: Our schools are safer when educators and other staff members are accountable and prepared with a plan, follow the chain of command, and execute as team.

Ron Avi Astor: We are no longer willing to tolerate even one senseless, horrific event in a school. Nor should we.

Ronald Stephens of National School Safety Center: When it comes to school safety, we need to do everything we can--knowing we can't do everything. School systems are not insurers of safety; they are purveyors of education and opportunity.

Sandy Hook parent Michele Gay writes that schools must prepare and practice for the worst so that it never happens.


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