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Wendy Heckert explores technology implementation in the classroom, and makes a plea to start-ups to help train teachers to best use new tools

Strangely, Amazon has not yet disrupted educational publishing or educational technology. They have not yet gone after Pearson or Cengage or McGraw Hill Education or Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Amazon does not really publish its own textbooks, and Amazon has not to date focused on selling textbooks to K-12 school districts. This may be because Amazon has traditionally focused on direct-to-consumer sales.

We, the education community, are in desperate need of a repository for statistics and trends of all sorts in the learning landscape. Why not build it together? CommaSpaceErgo is born...

Let's take a look at the many ways that Internet trends in 2012 (as defined by the great Mary Meeker) may affect the K-12 landscape.

The results are in! As tuition rates rise through the roof, it turns out all that money is going to... rock climbing walls! What role should physical equipment and facilities play in education, both at the Higher Ed and K-12 level? How can we optimize these resources?

The SIIA Ed-Tech Business Forum featured presentations from a number of start-ups making moves in the learning community: let's take a look at the finalists!

Infographics can be visually stimulating, powerfully succinct narratives. For Ed-Tech advocates in particular, this presents a great new medium to convey its thesis of the new world order.


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