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March 26, 2013

The Impact of Investing in Education

When we discuss monetary policy and federal budget issues, Education is held as its own spending category, like Healthcare or Defense. The reality, however, is that investing in education simply means investing in progress within every other category, and it should be treated as such. Education touches every piece of the living experience.

February 21, 2013

Can Classroom Games Improve Learning?

Gamifying the classroom is a hot topic in ed-tech these days, with myriad arguments in its favor. But what does the evidence have to show?

December 02, 2012

Infographics: Because Tumblr Feeds are so 2010

Infographics can be visually stimulating, powerfully succinct narratives. For Ed-Tech advocates in particular, this presents a great new medium to convey its thesis of the new world order.



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