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December 29, 2012

Quality Access to Learning: Teachers and Technology

Wendy Heckert explores technology implementation in the classroom, and makes a plea to start-ups to help train teachers to best use new tools

November 01, 2012

We All Support the Teacher

As far as I can tell, people are not fed up with teachers individually, but instead with the system in which they operate. I'm not saying this is necessarily a just view, but simply the reality of perception. I see a parallel to this in Congress. Political pundits love to reference the fact that the approval rating for Congress in the United States is fluctuating somewhere around 10%. What they often leave out is that reelection rates in Congress have never fallen below 80%. In other words, American voters do not dislike the work of individuals in Congress (or at least in their own district); instead, they are fed up with how the overall body of Congress is operating. Similarly, there are very few people that disprove of the work teachers do (save the occasional outlier). We all love teachers and we want them to have every opportunity available to maximize their effectiveness. This may mean that they need to adjust their teaching styles to fit the options now at their disposal.



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