The community foundation responsible for dividing donated money up among the families of those killed in the school shootings last year in Newtown, Conn., has announced the final distribution plan for those funds.

A new study adds further clout to the idea that dropouts are a national problem, not a personal one—because they cost the medical system money.

In this roundup of school climate news, pieces on glasses, gangs, and robots.

The new movie "The Hunt" depicts a teacher falsely accused of sexually abusing a young child.

The Republican-controlled body decoupled SNAP, more commonly called food stamps, from a bill that used to pass without controversy.

Harsh discipline policies and high-stakes testing both push students out of school, according to participants at a conference hosted by the Advancement Project this week.

The warning is a response to the expulsion of five students accused of engaging in sexual activity at school.

While educators often focus on class behavior as a measure of student engagement, a new study finds subtler facets of engagement can be harder to flag but just as critical for their long-term academic success.

The basic goal of eliminating obesity belies the fact that a student's weight by itself does not reflect health.

A new policy in Newcomerstown, Ohio, allows some school district employees to carry weapons.

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