The legislation would require schools to adopt policies that specifically ban harassment against students for their perceived race, gender, sexual identity, and religion, among other reasons.

The Harlem Shake is the hot new thing on YouTube, but students making their own videos have already faced suspension.

State and federal proposals have been proposed to improve school- and community-based mental health services, and there's a national campaign to reduce stigma associated with mental illness.

A new study shows that children will snack in response to stress, even if they're not hungry.

A Texas school district is being accused of violating black students' civil rights, in part because those students have been cited by police four times as frequently as other groups for profane language and disrupting class.

A new study examines whether exposure to positive media during early childhood encourages positive behavior.

School-based police officers and school administrators will first have to try to de-escalate school incidents whenever possible and determine what really requires police involvement.

Across school districts nationwide, administrators are putting the kibosh on candy and cards, while others turn it into a more educational experience than the traditional kind offers.

Can a classroom manage itself?

But school-based treatments do appear to more effective than others.

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