The guide affirms CDC's recommendations that boys and girls be vaccinated against human papillomavirus, the virus associated with cancers of the cervix and regions of the genitals, among other types.

Some of the barriers to treatment are missed opportunities by schools, parents, and medical providers to address prevention and early identification of mental health disorders.

The Niskayuna school district said that although the district has worked hard to implement the new standards students responded very poorly to the revamped meals.

Asthma has been linked to higher rates of school absenteeism, and from there to lower grades and test scores, although it may not be the sole reason behind low student achievement.

The Open Circle Program at the Wellesley Centers for Women offers the best 25 books—new and old— to teach elementary-age children social-emotional lessons.

A Duke University study shows that while the level of racial segregation in North Carolina schools has remained steady in recent years, economic gaps have grown.

In a new report, civil rights groups say Mississippi is in the throes of a school-to-prison pipeline crisis.

How much about the effect of media violence on school climate do we actually know?

In many school districts, more than 90 percent of schools that serve lunch to low-income students now serve breakfast at school, too, new data show.

New York City used a federal program aimed at improving the safety of routes to school, a program whose funding was recently cut off by Congress.

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