The Austin school district is finding early success with a new anti-truancy program that tracks students with GPS, but only after gaining consent from those students and their parents.

A San Francisco charter school recently suspended 17-year-old Courtni Webb for writing a poem that demonstrates empathy for Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza.

In this space, we've tried to bring you the latest news about student engagement, school climate, discipline, and student health and nutrition. We hope we've succeeded.

Mean girls and bullies may sit at the top of the classroom pecking order in Hollywood, but a new study suggests in real life, kindness is linked to popularity among middle schoolers.

"I love this place," says Connie Sullivan, "I will stay here for the rest of my career, God willing."

In an hour-long chat, instructional coach Jim Knight answered questions about improving teacher effectiveness and increasing student engagement.

America's children and their families are showing greater resilience and support in the face of rising poverty that has now wiped out the historic financial gains of the 1990s, according to an annual study.

As much as teachers may want to help students who are grieving, teachers and school staff say they need better training and more support.

Time magazine has named Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani child and child-rights advocate who survived an assassination attempt, as one of its "Persons of the Year."

A statistical analysis found black students who engaged in behavior similar to white students were punished more harshly than white students.

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