Sharing moments of levity from the education world amid the mass disruption of schooling and life from the coronavirus.

How can parents make sure their kids are still learning, carve out time for their own work, discover their inner teacher, and stay sane? Ed Week turned to the foremost experts for their pro tips: Home schooling parents.

The 2020 school counselor of the year draws on her previous experience as a counselor for gang members in a prison to reform discipline in her school in an Atlanta suburb. She shares her insights in this Q&A with Education Week.

Encouraging candid conversations about mental health among students and staff and creating supportive environments are top priorities for Leaders to Learn From honoree Jeff Wellington.

A good night's sleep doesn't eliminate stress, but there's new evidence that adolescents are able to cope better with stressful events when they sleep well the night before.

Many school districts have seen a rising number of homeless students in recent years. Learn lessons from a district working to address their needs in thoughtful, holistic ways.

Rates of anxiety, depression, and even suicide are going up among adolescents and research shows that students are far more likely to seek treatment for mental health issues at school than at a community-based clinic, if at all.

The National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and Everytown for Gun Safety are recommending in a new report that schools stop using active shooter drills that are either unannounced or simulate gun violence.

The head of the American Federation of Teachers is calling on the Trump Administration to provide educators and other groups of professionals who deal closely with the public more guidance on how to respond to the growing coronavirus threat.

So far, there are a handful of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, but at least two schools have had scares. Some districts are stressing basic, but important prevention strategies, including frequent hand washing.

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