The surveys can be administered to middle and high school students, staff, parents, and guardians, providing real-time data about their perceptions of the school environment.

A new toolkit, piloted by City Year mentors, includes 12 lessons on how mentors can encourage growth mindset in those they work with.

North Carolina's new law, which bans local LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances and restricts restroom use by transgender students in public schools, violates Title IX and the U.S. Constitution, a group of civil rights organizations argued in a federal lawsuit.

Expanded federal data collection about LGBT students would help illuminate school climate problems and inform efforts to find solutions, researchers say in a paper released by the Equity Project and Indiana University.

Those restrictions are a part of a larger bill that was passed and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory in a one-day special session Wednesday, making North Carolina the first to pass state-level restrictions on restrooms and locker rooms transgender students use in public schools.

More schools are participating in farm-to-school programs and serving local foods, but some barriers remain.

The settlement follows a federal lawsuit by the ACLU over a 2010 "gang sweep" at a high school in which students of color were "rounded up, questioned, searched, and forced to be photographed holding signs describing alleged gang affiliation."

Even well-tested measures of students' non-cognitive and social-emotional skills create unknowns and potential problems when used in high-stakes accountability, a researcher writes.

Charter schools suspend students of color and students with disabilities at higher rates than their peers, a trend that mirrors disparate discipline rates in traditional public schools, a new analysis of federal data finds.

Encouraging students' growth mindset is about more than just praising raw effort, Stanford Professor Carol Dweck said at an Education Week event. Read some tips and watch her full remarks here.

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