Four California students were arrested last week for planning a school shooting. What can schools learn from this?

Police in Birmingham schools used excessive force when they used a chemical agent on students who were not posing harm or resisting arrest, a federal judge ruled.

A principal was injured in a school shooting at a South Dakota high school Wednesday.

The education secretary says that much could be saved by redirecting some non-violent offenders away from prison, and the money used to boost salaries at high-poverty schools.

Seattle joins districts around the country in exploring whether broad infractions like "defiance" are applied inconsistently across schools and student groups.

Controlling for race, gender, and other factors, Chicago students are more likely to be suspended if they attend schools with high rates of poverty, a new study finds.

The Walton Family Foundation will fund research on measuring and nurturing social-emotional skills and grit.

Police arrested a 14-year-old freshman after they said his homemade clock looked like a bomb, sparking concerns of discrimination against Muslims.

A new report encourages racial equity groups and LGBT-student groups to collaborate on improving school discipline.

School board members in Hillsboro, Mo., resigned after students and parents protested over accommodations school officials made for a transgender student.

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