Data, guns, and grit made our list of issues to watch in 2014 that could affect the lives of students during the school day.

Researchers say updating parents on their children's eating habits at school is a cheap, quick way to encourage healthy choices.

Despite the district's security plans, the exterior door was frequently propped open, officials said.

Voters in an Idaho school district have collected enough signatures to force a recall of its school board chairman after he advocated weapons training for some school staff and teachers.

The motivation of a school shooter, hip-hop's homophobia, and smartphone addiction—here's what you might have missed in news and thoughts related to student engagement, school climate, and the world that affects them.

Boys will be boys, because society demands it.

A Kentucky task force has recommended changes to the state's justice system that could reduce youth incarceration rates in part by limiting court involvement for offenses like truancy.

When adults make mistakes on social media, they can become powerful examples for classroom discussions about the consequences of online speech.

Teens in Washington started taking action when they learned an administrator at their Catholic high school was forced to resign following his marriage to another man.

In a new survey, food service directors reported a lack of space and equipment needed to prepare school lunches.

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