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Rural school enrollment is growing, but rural charter schools haven't kept pace. A new issue brief outlines the landscape of rural charters, identifies challenges, and offers solutions.

Rural settlement schools made efforts more than a century ago similar to those envisioned under the federal Promise Neighborhood grant program.

Federal officials last week touted the distribution of more than $307 million for rural schools and roads as part of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act, but the future of that funding is far from certain.

Proposed federal legislation would allow foreign exchange students to stay in U.S. public schools more than one year, something already allowed for private and parochial schools.

The theme that "rural people and rural life are deficient" increasingly is apparent in high school American history textbooks, while the theme that "rural life is an idyll" is less so, according to new research.

Fewer one-room schools exist today than ever, and one Montana school is surviving with just one student.

New York school leaders, particularly in small, rural districts, say they're running out of ways to cut their budgets while maintaining educational quality under the current funding system.

Vermont, a primarily rural state, appears to have figured out what baffles many others: an equitable education funding system, according to a new report.

Proposed cuts to school bus transportation that would've crippled California's rural districts likely won't happen this year, but they're still a possibility in the near future.

Rural schools struggle to provide mental health services to students, and nearly half of the counselors in a recent study said less than 25 percent of students got adequate counseling services.

Five years after one rural Arkansas school district received a $50 million commitment from a private company, test scores are rising, graduation rates are improving, and enrollment is growing.

Rural education funding wasn't dramatically increased for fiscal year 2012, but it will receive a small boost under the budget compromise Congress reached last month.


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