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Rural districts have seen a sharp increase in homeless students possibly due to growing child-poverty rates.

The report found that teachers in rural northeast school districts need more professional development tailored to the unique needs of rural schools to implement the new standards.

More than 12,300 students across Mississippi attend school daily in a district with no nurse, and often without access to doctors or health clinics.

The ruling found that the state has failed to provide an adequate education for students in poor and rural districts.

Districts in Florida and Tennessee, among other states, are partnering with local businesses and using videoconferencing to bolster their STEM offerings.

The lawsuit says that the state's funding system is irrational and does not provide students with an adequate education.

The i3 grant will allow the program to offer dual enrollment courses to more rural students in North Carolina.

A rural district in southern California is the subject of several lawsuits after it authorized charter schools that have opened in neighboring districts, according to LA School Report.

Rural schools have cut back on special education and library services in the wake of declining aid from the state.


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