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In rural Colorado, 23 percent of children live in poverty, compared to 17 percent statewide.

The series delves into the biggest issues facing rural schools in Kansas, including alternative education and consolidation.

The lawsuit alleges that the state chronically underestimates the amount of money districts must spend on teachers' salaries and instructional expenses.

The program will focus on minority residents to improve diversity in the rural district's teaching staff.

The school used technology to connect with educators around the country and personalize learning for students.

Some rural schools are emphasizing "nonmaterialistic incentives" to draw teachers to rural areas.

The documentary follows a rural South Carolina district through the 2013-14 school year as the district deals with new standards, testing, and poverty.

The budget proposal would allow school districts to share whole grade levels in an attempt to save money and increase resources at schools.

A budget amendment will provide funds to develop a teacher incentive program in rural areas.

The bill would provide funding for a three-year grant program to help rural schools develop a plan to share services and cut costs.

The program will provide books and resources to 20,000 rural children in four states.

The bill would consider additional factors to make it easier for out-of-state teachers to earn a Minnesota teaching license.


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