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Although rural schools often struggle with Internet access and technology upgrades, rural districts in Ohio have embraced online exams.

The two rural district had 100 percent of students in some grades opt-out of science or social studies exams.

Researchers found that small schools don't offer as many courses as larger school, which may contribute to the college-going gap between rural and urban schools.

Researchers found that school districts in Idaho may incur more costs after switching to a four-day week.

Poor, rural youths who showed high levels of self-control and resiliency showed premature aging in blood cells.

More than 25 percent of rural children lived in poverty in 2013, compared to 19 percent in 1999, but poverty rates in individual communities vary widely.

The rural Tunica County school district has struggled with academic performance for years.

Native Youths from 230 tribes discussed education, well-being, and health issues with members of the Obama administration.

The program will allow 30 special education teachers to receive virtual training on working with students with severe disabilities.

The small, rural district will not use student test scores in teacher evaluations this year.


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