Lawmakers were directed by a court order last year to improve rural schools.

The state will target teachers and STEM programs in supporting rural Colorado schools.

The technology will be used to help rural schools provide compulsory courses, as well as digital tools and programs, to students.

More than 15 percent of teachers in the state's rural schools are in their first year of teaching, compared to about 7 percent in more urban, wealthy schools.

Lawmakers contend a recent court order is "vague" and ignores recent education reforms.

The state has ordered the district to switch to a traditional schedule for the 2015-16 school year.

South Carolina's public universities only produce enough teachers each year to fill half of the state's vacant teacher positions.

Nationwide, rural students are more likely to be overweight and lack access to healthy foods.

The Piedmont City School District has used grants to build a wireless network over its rural community.

The lawsuit alleged that rural districts in the state have been underfunded for years.


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