Aid that was meant to offset transportation costs in rural districts was also awarded to several wealthy urban districts.

A newspaper's examination of spending among six rural districts in Minnesota and North Dakota showed that transportation costs, among other budget items, varied widely.

A rural Nevada school district has developed a course to train rural teachers on using technology in the classroom.

Opponents of consolidation say closing small, rural schools can save money and improve academic opportunity.

Six rural education organizations say a recent E-rate proposal falls short of expectations.

Plans for the first charter school to open in Cheatham County, Tenn., were shot down by the local school board.

Some rural Wisconsin districts could lose more than 30 percent of student populations by 2040.

A 2008 Colorado law allows districts flexibility to modify education reform requirements.

Rural high school students who earn college credits are more likely to graduate and go on to postsecondary school, research has shown.

A new budget bill in Michigan will provide small, rural schools with higher additional per-pupil payments than larger schools.


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