New report shows Nevada's rural districts receiving too much money. In most other states, rural districts are fighting for more money.

Despite a smaller number of applicants than other priority areas, a similar percentage of rural education groups qualify to submit "development" grant proposals in the 2012 federal Investing in Innovation competition.

A rural Kentucky school featured in a national magazine is being billed as one of the country's greenest.

Peer-mediation instruction and intervention programs could be a good option for rural schools looking for ways to address the communication and social needs of autistic students.

It's been two months since we've heard any formal update from the West Virginia project aimed at turning around one of the state's lowest-achieving school districts, and the latest news is a mix of promise and setbacks.

Poor, rural children are more likely to become struggling readers because they lack access to services and resources that could benefit them, but a new study has found classroom teachers can be as effective with those students as non-struggling readers in a regular classroom.

A handful of rural gifted students got the chance this summer to spend time in a three-week residential program, and many liked it so much they didn't want to go home.

Rural Illinois residents named adequacy of school funding as the most serious education issue facing their communities during a listening tour.

A group of East Tennessee rural school districts are working together to improve students' skills in science, technology, engineering, and math, and their pilot efforts to do so appears to have been effective in boosting students' interest in those subjects.

The drought gripping rural communities nationwide can be used as a learning opportunity for students, and plenty of resources are available for classroom teachers.


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